The design specification of Shenzhen

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The upgrade version of some important features of the Material Design language, including the system font Roboto, while the color more vivid, the animation effect is more prominent. Dulat also briefly talked about some changes of the new framework -- the new framework in published today in google.com/design. Google's idea is to let Google platform developers master this new framework, so that all applications have uniform appearance, as is the design principle of the apple to developers. Google is also the new design language to redesign the company's flagship web based applications, including Android and the end of the Gmail and Calendar. You may remember, read about these changes of the article, some bloggers have leaked screenshots, showing a redesigned Gmail, the interface is more clean, more simple. On the Android platform, this new interface called Material, to support a variety of new animation, UI has built-in real-time shadow, and can switch between different screens hero elements.
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